Marc Davies is the owner of MarcDaviesLaw, LLC, specializing in strategies to effectively solve problems for companies and individuals facing disputes with local, regional or national governmental organizations. Marc provides a broad variety of services for companies facing environmental and other complex litigation disputes, including permitting issues, Superfund and other contaminated sediment matters. He provides in-house services aimed at helping companies manage complex litigation and the inevitable host of outside lawyers working these cases. Finally, Marc brings his years of experience as the parent of a child on the spectrum to bear as a lawyer and advocate for children with special needs and their families. His approach combines legal and counseling services that focuses on getting the most out of the IEP process and using a creative approach to identifying helpful programs and services and finding ways to get them paid for. Marc received his J.D. from Temple University in 1997, and obtained both a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science, and a bachelor’s degree, from the University of Pennsylvania.